Question to Ask Your Doctor

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When you have a mammogram, ask the doctor for the results.

If any abnormal changes are found, a biopsy will be needed to tell if cancer is present or to rule it out.

Ask the doctor the following questions:

• What kind of lump do I have?
• What type of biopsy will be done?
• How soon will I know the results?
• If I do have cancer, what happens next?
• Are more tests needed? What kind?
• Who will talk to me about treatment and what are my choices?
• What is my breast tissue density?
• What will happen if I refuse treatment?
• What stage is my breast cancer?
• Is my cancer estrogen-receptor positive or negative?
• How much experience do you have treating breast cancer?
• What treatments are recommended for me?
• How much time do I have to consider treatment options?
• Will my breast be removed or not?
• Can I have breast reconstruction after a mastectomy? If so, when is the best time?
• How effective are these treatments?
• How long will treatments last?
• Where will l receive treatments?
• How will treatments make me feel?
• Will I be able to return to work and/or take care of my children?
• What are the potential short-term and long-term side effects of treatment?
• What is my prognosis?
• What is my risk for recurrence?
• How often will I be screened for breast cancer after treatment?
• Could I get cancer in my other breast?
• Will treatment push me into early menopause?
• How will my sexual life be affected?
• Will I be able to still get pregnant and have children after treatment?
• I’m pregnant now; what happens with treatment?
• Will I be able to breast feed?
• Is genetic testing available?
• If I have a genetic mutation, should my daughter, mother or sister be screened for breast cancer?

You may want a second opinion from another doctor or other specialists, but do not delay.

Remember, you have the right to ask your doctors questions, get answers you can understand, and get proper medical care.

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