Inspiring Survivor Stories

Carol’s Garden

flower garden

Carol Fitzgerald, one of the founding members of AABCA passed away in April 2003 from breast cancer. Carol along with the other founders understood the racial barriers, cultural needs and disparities that too often contribute to the higher breast cancer mortality rates seen in African American women and the difficulty in finding support and resources about breast cancer.

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A third chance for a young breast cancer patient

Hear Jessica’s courageous story, a young woman diagnosed with breast cancer at age 21 and underwent breast surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. Age is just a number for breast cancer that affects all women. Early detection, diagnosis and treatment are so important for young women. If you find a breast problem or sign of breast cancer, do not accept the words “You are too young for breast cancer” from any doctor. Watch: A third chance for a young breast cancer patient video above.


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Luella's Cancer survivor story