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Whether you are a patient, survivor, a caregiver, co-survivor, family member or friend, we all need a little help when dealing with cancer and other stressful life changes. We may experience anger, fear, frustration, a sense of helplessness, feel so alone, and yet, feel we can’t open up to others to share our feelings.

A support person or group can provide emotional and social support that helps people cope with the struggle of cancer. However, we may feel shy or skeptical, “I don’t feel comfortable talking in groups.”, “I’m doing fine. I don’t need support.”, “How can I get to a support group when I’m so busy taking care of my loved one?”

AABCA recommends that you reach out and get connected for yourself, your children, family, and friends. Find a support group or therapist that works for you. AABCA offers an online support group to share feelings confidentially, make friends, get help navigating the health care system and learn from others who have walked a similar path. A little help, listening, sharing and understanding goes a long way some time.

Breast Cancer Survivors Support (BCSS)

Support Group – Sisters and Misters In Survival “SMIS” for women and men diagnosed with breast cancer provides emotional support, guidance and hope.

  • Join our online support group via Zoom
  • In person events and group meetings in the Twin Cities, MN
  • Sistas Rock Retreat – Annual retreat for women with any type of cancer at any time in their lives

More About Sisters and Misters In Survival (SMIS!)

AABCA provides a support network founded by breast cancer survivors who have “been there and done that.” Our support group and activities can help you be connected, get inspired and get involved. We learn how to Share, Support and Survive!

Our meetings are open and confidential. Plus, your personal support network of family and friends may also benefit from information and resources offered by AABCA. We share encouragement, information and empowerment to help patients and survivors cope with the diagnosis and treatments. We do not give medical advice. Everyone needs a little help and hope.

Because of the devastating nature of cancer, our support group is open to all backgrounds and cultures with other types of cancer. Feel free to join AABCA to find a caring connection in the struggle and survivorship of cancer. You are not alone.

Due to the pandemic, our support group has expanded its outreach nationwide and meets online by Zoom. Join us by completing a membership form, and email to or call (612) 462-6813 for the Zoom meeting link and schedule. We also plan occasional in person events and meetings as safety and weather allows here in the Twin Cities, MN.

Join the Club – Online Form


AABCA observes our organization’s anniversary milestones and celebrate cancer patients and survivors in our community. These events are also an inspiring opportunity to recognize and thank the many people, healthcare providers and organizations that support AABCA and you in your cancer journey.

Sistas Rock Retreat

SRR is a gathering of women of any background and culture diagnosed with any type of cancer at any time of their lives, which makes us sisters in our battles with cancer. At the Sistas Rock Retreat, we take a break from cancer and enjoy a day of fun, information, heart-felt sharing, relaxation and pumping each other up! Stay tuned for future retreat announcements!

“A ‘Lil Help, A ‘Lil Hope” – Closed


Education & Outreach

AABCA conducts educational breast health and cancer awareness presentations to community health fairs, businesses, churches, groups, and organizations upon request.  Volunteer survivor members are available to share their stories about their breast cancer experience. AABCA’s educational brochures and promotional materials are available for distribution and presentations. Contact us to invite AABCA to join your community cancer awareness and health events in Minnesota or virtually at