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AABCA wants to Share with you important knowledge that can help you understand more about breast cancer and to share it with others. Click on a subject below for more information.

* For information about free or low cost breast cancer detection programs, African American breast cancer support groups and other community resources, contact your local and state cancer detection, education, patient resources and healthcare agencies.


There is Help and Hope.

AABCA assists African Americans diagnosed and treated for breast cancer at anytime in their lives.  AABCA offer patients and survivors encouragement, knowledge, trust, understanding and peer support to help them in their fight with breast cancer.

Cancer affects us all and AABCA wants to engage the community through advocacy, awareness, education, hope, outreach, research and support.

A diagnosis of breast cancer is a fearful experience. We want you to know you are not alone. Black women and men diagnosed with breast cancer are coming together to encourage and support each other, learning how to be survivors as they deal with this disease.

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Connect with others who have "been there" in a safe and confidential environment. AABCA's support groups meet once every month at various locations in the Twin Cities.

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