Surviving and Living through Breast Cancer

Your diagnosis of breast cancer has now put you on a journey of concern, fear, shock and uncertainty.  Along the way you will encounter anger, a loss of control, confusion, frustration, a sense of isolation and extreme life changes.  While on your challenging journey of the healthcare system, treatments and recovery you also will meet some buddies that will help guide you to the land of survivorship.  The women and men who have walked the same path, who have “been there”, can help you and your loved ones understand what it’s like to be a cancer fighter and survivor, how to take control of this experience and work through it so you don’t become lost and also find friends you can connect with to make it home.

Our culturally specific support group of breast cancer survivors helps us make a smooth transition from fear to fight, from treatment to recovery, from pain to strength, from breaking down to thriving; emotionally and physically.  Whatever your feelings are, it’s OK; this is your body, your life, your story.

You are not alone, you are powerful and you are a survivor.

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Please contact AABCA for more information on breast cancer and knowing what it means to SURVIVE.