Support group members

AABCA Support Group

A breast cancer diagnosis can be devastating. And just when you are trying to cope with the shock and the fears about your future, you are asked to make important decisions about your treatment. Take your time to do what is best for you, get the help and information you need and understand each step along the way. You are not alone.

The support group of the African American Breast Cancer Alliance is led by survivors who have “been there and done that”. It is designed to assist newly diagnosed patients in the emotional roller coaster and healing process that follows. Your “support team” of family and friends also benefit from attending support group meetings to express their concerns and understand how they can also help you.

Our peer support group meets monthly during the afternoon at various community meeting places where members share their experiences, coping skills, encouragement and information. Being with other breast cancer survivors can help diminish the anxiety, fear and stress of a diagnosis and treatments of breast cancer for both patient and loved ones.

The support group meetings and services are free and confidential. Special events are planned for patients/survivors to honor their journey, make participants feel special and pampered and thank the many family, friend and medical care supporters that have helped along the way.

Some of us try to be extra strong and not ask for help or may not know how to ask for help and go through their cancer experience isolated from others. Your strength in dealing with this disease grows as you reach out for and accept help and support.


Remember, you must make your recovery your priority. We can help.