CBS Local | Breast cancer group reaches out to African American women 

Reona Berry


The African American Breast Cancer Alliance, Inc (AABCA) is dedicated to building and sharing awareness, connections, education, resources and support for African American/Black women, men, families and communities affected by breast cancer.


The AABCA is dedicated to providing hope, awareness, education, emotional and social support to breast cancer survivors, their family members and the community. Information and action is particularly important because Black women tend to have more aggressive breast cancers at younger ages and benefit from earlier detection and aggressive treatments.

Since 1990, the AABCA has been recognized locally and nationally for its collaborative efforts and innovative educational materials. Being There!, our motto and title of our breast cancer information brochure for Black women, seeks to empower women to take charge of their health and take care of their lives by becoming knowledgeable about breast cancer.

Our Founders

Founded in October 1990 by Linda Finney, Brenda Anderson, Theresa Davis, Mamie Singleton, Reona Berry, Elaine Elliott, Sylvia Beamon, Bea McFadden, Carol Fitzgerald (d) and Norma Collins (d). AABCA is committed to spreading the word about breast cancer to Black women that have the highest mortality rate in the US, to promote the benefits of early detection and treatment. AABCA provides emotional and social support for breast cancer patients and survivors along with culturally specific information to help them have better rehabilitation experiences as they cope with this disease.


Reona Berry
Camille Berry

LaTia DeAmparo
Deborah Williams

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The AABCA, Inc is a grassroots, non-profit, tax-exempt organization that accepts donations to further its mission and goals.


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